NZCPT partners with local communities throughout New Zealand to expand the provision of quality state-integrated Christian schooling.


The NZCPT was founded by individuals associated with Bethlehem College (in Tauranga), KingsWay School (in Orewa) and Middleton Grange School (in Christchurch), but is independent of them.

Each of these schools has undertaken the relatively difficult task of integration with the state and has benefited enormously from doing so. Some of those associated with the NZCPT have worked with other schools interested in integrating, or having difficulties with their integration arrangements. These experiences have indicated strong demand for an organisation that partners with local communities committed to Christian schooling, and assists them to integrate and manage the on-going integration relationship.

In addition, the NZCPT sees considerable potential in providing or coordinating common support services to New Zealand Christian schools (eg. curriculum and professional development, collection of fees, etc.) within the NZCPT network.


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