Services by NZCPT to Member Land Trusts

  • Negotiate with the Ministry of Education.
  • Hold and manage integration agreement.
  • Appoint and train Proprietor Board of Trustee reps.
  • Confirm Special Character expectations and audit against it.
  • Set and collect attendance dues.
  • Assist with property design.
  • Oversee property planning – 10 year property plan.
  • Provide financial consultancy.
  • Encourage and facilitate the investment of excess proprietor funds around member schools.
  • Receive Ministry of Education grants.

Services by NZCPT to Member School Board of Trustees

  • Coordinate purchasing and development of common services and intellectual property.
  • Development of resources to develop Special Character.
  • Negotiate enrolment schemes.
  • Staff management and development/selection, performance management in relation to Special Character.
  • Provide Proprietor and Board of Trustee rep. training.
  • Collect Special Character levies for Board of Trustees.
  • Pay membership of AIS and APIS.
  • Pay membership of NZACS for Decile 1-3 schools, or schools with rolls under 100 pupils.