Educational philosophy

Schools under our proprietorship will:

  1. Acknowledge that education is never neutral, but unfolds in obedience or disobedience to the Lord.
  2. Acknowledge that education is the responsibility of parents under God and that
    a) The task of the school is to assist parents with the education of their children.
    b) Parents have the responsibility to maintain a constructive relationship with the teachers of their children.
    c) The parent body has a responsibility to participate in the governance of the school.
  3. Acknowledge that they partner with parents to provide Christian education, and therefore employ teachers who:
    a) Seek to shape their entire teaching practice on the basis of the Bible.
    b) Seek to value students, acknowledging that they are created in God’s image with gifts for a unique purpose.
    c) Seek to exercise growing personal faith in Christ and, in doing so, inspire and disciple children in relationship with God.
    d) Seek to model, and disciple children in the development of Godly character and positive relationships with others.
    e) Seek to equip students with knowledge, understanding, wisdom and skill that will enable them to appreciate God’s work in creation, and to grow as co-workers with Him in all their work and endeavour.
  4. Be led by boards who seek to govern diligently in order to protect and enhance the special character of the school.

Relationship and Structure Diagram

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